Company Services

We offer a complete line of service and parts for Broken Springs, Cables, Drums, Pulleys, Hinges, Struts, Rollers, Bearings, Tracks, as well as new Garage Doors and Garage Door Openers. We also provide all regular maintenance and services on residential and commercial doors through our highly trained and experienced technicians.our service technicians have the experience and materials needed to repair your garage door, or opener, regardless of size, make or model, and whether it being residential or a commercial door.

Garage Tips

Determine if your garage door is in a satisfactory working order:

Is your door is automatic or manual? It should be Serviced at some stage by a Qualified Garage Door Technician.....

A regular garage door maintenance check is advisable on doors with or without openers. If your door is automatic, it is a good idea to release the motor into the manual mode at least every 6-12 months, and then you can determine the way your door travels, heavy, smooth, coning or binding for example. Also check the support fixings loose,brackets hanging etc.By doing this, you can determine whether or not the door is supported in a safe manner.Always consult a Garage Door Technician in regards to repair and service that may be required.

At least by doing this exercise you can help prolong the life of your garage door and automatic opener. Of course if you feel the door is not fuctioning well in manual mode,you should have it serviced, as to prolong the life of your automatic opener and of course your garage door.

Lubricants such as oil, grease and any other Lubricant should not be used on your tracks (guides) as this can cause damage to your garage door and make the door worse.When you have two items working together, both the garage door and the electric opener must function together on an equal par, as the garage door opener cannot fix a binding garage door.By checking both individually, you will be able to determine the object of the problem to resolve.